Terms and use

GrizzlyCars offers a service for contacting people wishing to buy or sell vehicles. We do not take care to verify or assure the quality or legality of advertisements on GrizzlyCars.

Property rights
By accepting these terms, you agree to let us have a right to practice non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free copyright and public law that you have on the content of your ads in any media, currently known or unknown. It is forbidden to reproduce, copy, sell or exploit for any commercial purpose whatsoever all or part of the service or results or any right of access to the service, unless approved GrizzlyCars.

Obligation advertisers
As an advertiser, you are responsible for your information and GrizzlyCars acts as publisher of your ads online. Your information or content includes any information you provide to GrizzlyCars or users during the registration process, transactions, publication of advertisements. This includes both the text images. You agree that GrizzlyCars can not view and control the ads before they are published, but GrizzlyCars may, without obligation, to refuse, edit and reorganize any content that is provided by the service. In addition, at any time and in its sole discretion, GrizzlyCars has the right to suspend, block or delete your account and refuse all current or future use of its services.
GrizzlyCars reserves the right to change or terminate, temporarily or permanently, all or part of its services at any time and without notice.
For security reasons, it is prohibited to transmit the password to third parties. You agree that GrizzlyCars can archive classifieds and be required to disclose in case of judicial proceedings.

Disclaimer of Warranty
GrizzlyCars does not guarantee that the service will be uninterrupted or error-free. GrizzlyCars does not guarantee the products, services or information obtained through GrizzlyCars is consistent with user expectations.

Limitation of Liability
Processing is automated classifieds, GrizzlyCars can not verify the content of all ads. For these reasons, no responsibility can be accepted to GrizzlyCars for any errors or non-compliance with these conditions. GrizzlyCars is not responsible for direct or indirect damages arising from ads that do not meet these conditions. Advertisers are responsible for the content they publish on GrizzlyCars.

Loss and data integrity
GrizzlyCars can not be held responsible for damage caused by data loss regardless of the origin. Advertisers are required to make their own backups of their data, if they are of high importance.

GrizzlyCars can not be held responsible for direct or indirect damages resulting from a modification of data by an unauthorized user.

contents When creating an ad, you certify that the information and content you post on GrizzlyCars are:
Is not prohibited content does not make improper use of keyword and True Meets current reality either good either written in French either in the appropriate heading No fraudulent and does not involve stolen property in accordance with the law force in Switzerland in accordance with the conditions of GrizzlyCars and protection of privacy banned ads.
GrizzlyCars prohibits the insertion of ads on the proposal, sale, exchange, or looking for illicit goods and services under Swiss law as well as those included in the following list:

dangerous goods or stolen goods nonexistent offensive or violates the property rights of individuals etc.. Over an ad can not contain text or images containing:
racist considerations, anti-Semitic remarks offensive vis-à-vis religious incitement to violence, crime, hatred etc. allégorisations defamatory. Ad Quality In order to provide users with quality service, the ads must meet the following criteria:

It is inadvisable to use photos taken on the Internet or without the consent of the owner because of copyright.

Changing classifieds
GrizzlyCars reserves the right to refuse, move or remove any ad proposed by advertisers who do not comply with these conditions.

Account Termination
GrizzlyCars reserves the right to terminate your account at any time if GrizzlyCars has reason to believe that you have violated these conditions.
GrizzlyCars can not be held responsible for the consequences of the termination of your account.

Change of Service
GrizzlyCars reserves the right at any time to modify, temporarily suspend all or part of the service without prior notice for the purpose of maintenance or modification of the site. GrizzlyCars shall not be liable to you or against any third party for any modification, suspension or discontinuance of service.

External Links
Advertisers may include in their content, links to other websites or other Internet sources. Insofar GrizzlyCars can not control these sites and external sources, you acknowledge that GrizzlyCars can not be held responsible for the availability of such external sites or resources, and shall bear no responsibility for the content , advertising, products, services or other materials on or available from such sites or resources.

Privacy Policy
GrizzlyCars processes personal data in accordance with our commitments on the protection of privacy and data.

Last modification of this document: 01.02.2014