Mitsubishi L300 (4x4) 2.5 TDi Blanc

Further information
CAR: ------------------------------ - Mitsubishi L300 (4x4 version), 2.5 TDi, 2002 (some people call it Delica) - Body damaged on the left side and the roof but engine runs perfectly smooth. Can easily be fixed and is not even necessary. All filters are brand new. - 185 000 km - Swiss number plates, technical control valid until March 2019 MODIFICATIONS: ------------------------------ - Professional Victron Energy Solar system with 250 W solar panel and 2 big batteries. Makes actually way too much energy, for sure more than enough to plug everything you might possibly need on a trip. Six 220 V plugs and six 12 V plugs. - Big roof-rack (needs a little welding) - 4 BF Goodrich All Terrain tires (used) - Heavy duty shock absorbers (rear) - Interior: bed (including linen), small desk, small closets and spaces to store things. Quite simple and basic. Back side and floor are isolated. - Awning - 2 metal boxes on the roof-rack (damaged) ACCESSORIES: --------------------------------- - High-Lift jack (a bit rusty but never used it) - Complete toolbox with spanners, pliers, duct tape, hammer, steel wire, steel brush, screwdrivers, etc. etc. etc. - Hand saw, crowbar and axe - Jumping cables - Spare parts (belts, alternator parts, bolts and nuts, ...) - 1 liter of 15W40 engine oil (unopened) - Cooling box (12V) - Fiamma 70L water tank - portable shower (works on 12V) - 1 metal jerrycan (20L) - 1 plastic jerrycan (25L) - 1 plastic water tank (25L) - 12V fan - Coleman cooking stove + fuel tank (5L) and funnel - 10 or so small plastic curver boxes with lid - cutlery, bottle opener, can opener, stirring spoons, ... - 2 pots, 2 pans - 3 big plastic curver boxes with lid that fit right under the bed - Binoculars with little bag - 2 storage bags hang behind the seats - waterproof barrel with lid for laundry (30L) - Heavy duty towing rope with 2 heavy duty D-locks - sewing kit - First aid kit - 12V lights (interior front, middle and rear) - 3 unused bottles of factor 50 sunscreen - waterproof diving bag - swimming goggles and snorkel - tent for 2 people + sleeping mat - handwoven high quality hammock - card game, beach ball game, junglespeed game - sleeping bag - 4 strong LED head lamps (2 for people, 2 on the roof of the car) - reflective tape front and rear - ........ OPTIONAL (+300 USD): ------------------------------- - GEYE 900 underwater camera + charger (as good as Gopro, rarely used) - 40 books in French and English (mainly African guidebooks) The whole package cost me around 16 000 USD in October 2017 (and many working hours), I did a 12-month trip and I'm now selling for 5900 USD. Everything is obviously used - but only a year old - so this is a real bargain! Price can slightly be discussed.

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